Aug 26, 2009

Marketing Your Website with Traffic Exchanges

For those of you that are new to traffic exchanges, they are web applications that reward you with credits for visiting other members websites. You can then use those credits to show your website to the other members in the exchange. You can also refer new members to the exchange and then earn credits for the websites that your referrals visit.

If used correctly traffic exchanges can be a huge provider of instant perpetual traffic for your websites. Traffic exchanges can be extremely time consuming and using them improperly will result in a massive waste of your time.

The most common mistake new internet marketers make with traffic exchanges is that they promote products that traffic exchange members don't want. Traffic exchange members are traffic exchange members because they want TRAFFIC, so selling them traffic is much easier than selling them business opportunities, website subscriptions, e-books, software, etc.

Another common mistake is promoting websites that are full of multimedia clutter (i.e. audio, video, graphic intensive templates). Traffic exchange members are trying to get to the next site as quickly as possible and if the timer runs out before your site loads you'll lose your credits and they'll never see it. Most exchanges have timers that run 10-20 seconds, so the best results come from attention capturing pages that can load within 3-6 seconds on a 56k connection.

Traffic exchanges are not created equal. You will experience vastly different results with each exchange. The best exchanges have a large number of active members with a consistent stream of new members joining daily. It won't benefit you very much to spend a million traffic credits in an exchange that only has 1,000 members. However, spending a million traffic credits in an exchange with 100,000 members would benefit you greatly.

Overall traffic exchanges are extremely powerful, but far from perfect forms of marketing your website. Scepter Marketing Technologies will be addressing all of these issues in it's software and make getting incredible results from this powerful marketing technique as simple and pain free as possible.

Since the release of our software's will not begin until the summer of next year, I have provided this post as a tutorial to help you get started using traffic exchanges effectively today. Following these simple instructions will also save you the time it takes to join these exchanges and give you a huge head start in building your downlines once our software is released.

Step 1: Join TrafficHoopla - It's by far the best downline builder for traffic exchanges available today. It only list the best traffic exchanges based on a weekly report derived from statistics collected from many different sources. That, makes sure that you and your downline members aren't wasting valuable time with traffic exchanges that don't produce results.

Step 2: Join TEToolbox - Using their rotator will save time when you want to change the website that you are promoting. They also provide an adtracker that you can use along with the rotator to measure the results you are getting from each exchange. If you don't know HTML or don't want to host splash pages on your server they provide a nice splash page builder that will help you build attention grabbing pages that will load very quickly.

Step 3: Insert the websites and/or splash pages that you're promoting into your TEToolbox rotator. Be sure to include your splash pages and referral urls from TrafficHoopla in your rotator, as this will help you to build your downlines in the traffic exchanges.

Step 4: Join all of the traffic exchanges listed in TrafficHoopla, using your TEToolbox rotator url as your website, and make sure that you save your username, password, surfing url, referral url and members login url of each exchange. Some exchanges will require you to login to surf, in these cases save the members login url in place of the surfing url.

Step 5: Extract your referral ids from your referral urls and insert them into the provided textboxes in your TrafficHoopla account. In some cases your referral id will be your username and in others it will be a number that was generated when you joined the exchange. It will usually be whatever comes after the ?= in your referral url.

Step 6: Download Mozilla Firefox if you're not using it already and open approx 10 of your surfing urls in separate tabs. However, If you're on a dial-up connection only open about 3-4 tabs. Click on "Bookmarks" and then click "Bookmark All Tabs" or use the Ctrl+Shift+D shortcut and insert something like "SurfingGroup1" as the folder name and click save to save your surfing urls into a tab group. Repeat with the remaining surfing urls until they are all saved into a tab group.

Step 7: When you get ready to surf, click Bookmarks then hover your mouse over one of your tab group folders and click "Open All in Tabs". Login to all of the exchanges that require you to login and click as fast as possible. Using the Ctrl+Page Down and Ctrl+Page Up shorcuts on your keyboard will help you to move through the tabs quickly while your finger does the clicking.

It may take you quite a bit of time to join and configure all of the traffic exchanges, but once they're setup you'll be generating alot of traffic and they will be fairly easy to manage. If you'll commit to surfing each of your tab groups for just 30 - 45 minutes a day you will recieve 300 - 500 daily visitors to your rotator from traffic exchanges alone.

As I mentioned previously the best thing to sell in a traffic exchange is traffic or at least a way to get better results from the exchange. Promoting your TrafficHoopla urls in your rotator is a simple way to begin selling better results to members of the exchange. It also builds your downlines in the exchanges which will eventually earn you more credits and get you more customers than manually surfing could ever think about.

Once you have a decently sized downline of active surfers you'll find that you can cut back considerably on your own surfing to maybe once a week or even a month and let the people under you build your traffic credits while you manage the rest of your business.

One last warning, while it is entirely possible to build very large downlines in the traffic exchanges by strictly promoting TrafficHoopla in the exchanges, you will find that many traffic exchange members are already members of most of the exchanges that are being promoted in TrafficHoopla.

This should not discourage you from doing so, as there will still be exchanges that they are not members of, and they will filter into your downlines of these exchanges. However, recruiting members for Traffic Hoopla outside of the traffic exchanges will greatly increase the effectiveness of your downlines.

Make sure you subscribe to the RSS feed on this blog for more tips on traffic exchanges and other effective marketing techniques as well as updates on the development of Scepter Marketing Technologies. This software will make using traffic exchanges much more effective and following the previous instructions will give you a huge head start in making money with our software.

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