Aug 14, 2009

Welcome to Scepter Marketing Technologies

Scepter Marketing Technologies means: Powerful Marketing Technologies. We are currently past the design stage and with every day it gets closer and closer to becoming a reality.

We intend our software to be an extremely powerful marketing resource for anyone willing to put it to use. Everything about it is incredible. Users will be given access to automated tools for everything they could possibly need to successfully create an online business.

From submitting messages to google groups, yahoo groups, topica groups, myspace groups, orkut groups, ect... submitting articles to article directories and websites that will accept them, posting messages to discussion forums, posting pages on sites like squidoo and ehow, building downlines in viral websites, surf4hits programs, mailing list builders, link exchanges, etc...

There will be tools for automating all of these marketing activities and this is just the tip of the ice burg, there will also be tools for quickly creating fresh and unique niche content, tracking advertising campaigns, building business leads in any niche and then tools for automatically following up on all of those business leads.

That doesn't even touch on the fact that this software is designed to be a full blown social networking platform that allows you to create friends and groups of friends for chat, instant messaging, networking, helping each other create content, creating advertising co-ops and joint ventures, sharing links and bookmarks, rating and commenting on just about everything.

We intend on the marketing power of our software to be spread similar to a computer virus. I mean, we're talking massive content creation mixed in with referral marketing coupled with the incredible power of Web 2.0's best social networking tools.

We will release it as a semi-functional web application first, and then upgrade it to another semi-functional desktop app later. The desktop app will introduce a whole new world of marketing capabilities. Download sites, P2P networks, torrent trackers, email attachments, instant messenger file sharing, compact disks, floppy disks, etc...

The fully functional version of the software will be released long after that. In the mean time users will be able to build highly successful online businesses through the semi-functional versions that will only skyrocket once the full version is released.

Please, help support our development efforts by donating and/or participating in the semi-functional programs that will begin releasing in the summer of 2010.

Scepter Marketing Technologies will have no choice but to become the ultimate resource for professional internet marketers and anyone looking to make any money online!

Please, contact me on Yahoo Messenger if you are an excellent C# programmer and think that you can contribute to this project in any way.

Subscribe, to the rss feed of this blog if you would like to get our progress updates or to be one of the first to know when any of these programs are released.

Scepter Marketing Technologies will become the most technologically advanced money making opportunity in the world. Please, don't hesitate to become a part of the development process. You will be greatly rewarded, Thank You.

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